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Reviewes from CD Baby
Sue Hart is the Next Big Thing on the music scene with the album "Private Book". The singing, the songs, and the music, are all 5 stars out of 5. Buy the album!!! Reviewer: L. N. Houlieff

Well done, great listening
Reviewer: Joe Geoghegan
Extremely pleasant jazz vocals that are a joy to listen to. Great voice!

Beautiful songs, Smooth Voice.
Reviewer: Kay Vinson
I really love this album. I have come back to it many times over the last few weeks and each time I listen I am impressed by how much I enjoy it. Well worth the moneyl.

A truly wonderful album.
Reviewer: Jerry Schaefer
Listening to this well-constructed album is a joy. Not only is Ms. Hart a truly talented singer, but these songs fit her perfectly. Put this one at the top of your playlist.

Reviewer: George Jacobs
I have been trying to find anything else that Sue has recorded. This is a great CD.

Review Courtesy of AllAboutJazz.com

The newest release "Private Book" by vocalist Sue Hart is a forty-one minute, ten-song presentation of smooth, well crafted jazz inflected music. Hart's recording is very nice, straightforward and, in an unobtrusive way, quite pleasant to listen to. This recording truly is jazz "light" and it will likely be of great appeal to fans of "contemporary" jazz.

There are some very bright spots on Private Book. Particularly outstanding is the song "All the Love I Need," which has a catchy hook in the vocal line, and a melodic guitar solo by Richard Bredice. The title cut, "Private Book," is also an emotional journey worth a listen. Finally, "Eyes of an Angel" also stands out as a tune with a groove that has a fun swinging sound and capable piano soloing by Karen Hammack.

With the popularity of "light" jazz and singers such as Norah Jones, certainly the definition of what constitutes jazz has been enlarged to encompass greater stylistic diversity. Like other artists who tend toward the lighter side, Sue Hart's pleasant performance will still likely have broad appeal to that wide-ranging audience that enjoys pretty, less invasive music. ~ Craig W. Hurst

Will from Long Beach, CA
"I came across Sue's site by accident and I must say it was the best accident anyone could have had!!!! She is just amazing. A voice that is sultry, seductive, and full of emotion. You are the best Sue."

"Sue...was this ever a pleasant surprise!!! I like all of the songs, but "You already know" should easily be topping the charts. That song has unlimited potential. Your vocals sound effortless. Talent, time, and work have certainly paid off; it must be great to be able to sing like that. All the instruments are top notch also."
Paul from soundclick.com

"I give your music a 100 out of 10!!! Please put me on Sue's email list as I
would like to keep up to date with her stardom which is set to be huge with a voice like that."
- Andre

Review Courtesy of Big Indie Music.com

Sue Hart's Private Book is a mellow album dishing out smooth jazz, pop, and easy listening. Songs from Private Book could easily fit into a adult
contemporary radio format. The performances are very professional. Hart's band consists of guitar, keyboards, bass and drums/percussion. These musicians create a very full sound, without getting too busy and thus distracting from Hart's vocals. I picked "Summer" as the standout track. The song's jazzy groove and vocals easily made it my favorite on the disk. Big Indie Music.com

Ms Hart's pure vocal sound will pull you in, she has one of the freshest sounds in the business, and her tunes, which are in the smooth jazz vein, will capture you with catchy hooks and memorable melodies. Sue Hart could very well be "The Next Big Thing" (which is also the title of the second song on her cd) This is one disk that you will want on your turntable in regular rotation. Audioworm '03

Mike from San Francisco, CA
"I'm really happy to finally hear something fresh in the jazz catagory, Ms Hart's voice has a very pleasing sound and I felt I was being pulled in."

Ric Brinkman, Carrollton, TX
"Something about your voice and style makes my
heart sing along! Oh, Baby, Oh!"

Thomas Powell
"Was searching jazz music, liked what I heard."
Batesville, MS

JR Hays, Tulsa, OK
While searching on the internet for "female jazz singers" I heard Sue Hart. I could not resist and bought her CD.

Dear Ms. Hart,
I just wanted to say that I heard your music on MP3 (All the love I need)
and I fell in love with it. I can't tell you how cool the song is and how
soothing your voice is.

Greg in Texas
Can we expect more music from Sue...she's awesome. I have shared her web site with many friends. Very talented indeed!

Thanks for gracing us with your talent.

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