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Our first meeting with Lucy on Gotcha Day!

Feeling a little more comfortable.

Day 2

Day 2

Day 3

Day 3

Blowing a kiss

Lots of smiles

She holds these toys in her hands all day

Babies being blessed at the Buddist Temple

Taking tour of Buddist Temple

Taking a bite of a snack

Sweet moment

Downtown Guangzhou


Shopping Center Guangzhou

Shopping Center Guangzhou

Our Room at the White Swan

Day 4

Day 5 At the Zoo

Lucy's friend, Meila, from the same orphanage

Day 6 Lucy sharing toys with Sofie in the hotel playroom

Discovered the lego blocks

Eating at Lucy's with Sheila, Steve & Erin

Our facilitator, Chris

Our group of adopting families at the zoo

Shamian Island, Guangzhou, side street

Shamian Island - soldiers in the background

Girls on Shamian Island

More Shamian Island

Strolling the babies

Day 7 -- more fun on a field trip

We are a family now

Quieting down with mama

Downtown shopping center Friday night

Day 8 in the White Swan playroom

Sheila, Steve & Erin on the Cloud Mountain tram


Trying on her first dress

Playing with the babies

Our Group on Cloud Mountain visit

Day 9 Eating Cantonese downtown

Yes we're having fun now

Dinner with Bill Martin & Hong-Geok

Beautiful Shamian

Lucy bargaining with Shopkeeper

Susan's and Dong's Place. Dong is from Wuchuan, same as lucy

Susan and Dong

Quiet moment with Baba
Steve feeding Erin, while mom does paperwork. Lucy saying hello
She's still a baby

On the Red Couch

With the Moms

With the Dads

Next Day on the Red Couch (Lucy in better Spirits)

Having Fun

Lucy, Erin, Eva and Meila

Sweet photo of Lucy, Jesse and Eva

Meila sharing her Cherrios w/ Lucy

At the US Consulate

Our Last Dinner in our room at the White Swan

James w/ fever and chills the night before we left for home.

Yeah! We're home! Lucy w/ her balloon at LAX